About the company:

BP Technological Solutions Company founded its NDT division- BP Technological Solutions Non Destructive Technologies- in order for it to serve as the comprehensive "house" for all "No dig" (NDT) technologies and products for the field of water and sewage pipeline maintenance. From its inception to nowadays, "BP Technological Solutions NDT" serves an important part in the rapid developments that are occurring throughout Israel in the field of NDT or "no dig" sewer and water pipeline surveys and repairs. 

Today, with over 40 CCTV cameras, about 40 IPEK crawlers, a wide range of high pressure machines and hundreds of repair packers and plugs in use around the country- it is easy to see why BP Technological Solutions are the leaders in the field of non- destructive technologies and products for water and sewage pipelines in Israel.

BP Technological Solutions acts as the official dealer for some of the leading manufacturers worldwide, and takes pride in its long term and succefull collaborations with some of the world's leading companies at this field, that includes: IPEK (Germany), ROM B.V. (Netherlands), IMS robotics (Germany), MiniCam (UK), MinCam (Germany) and many more (See "Represented companies" for the complete list)

Our vision:

Our vision is to provide the "perfect home" for the practices of NDT pipeline inspection and repairs, that is why we do not only sell our products but provide for all of the support and guidance needed for our customers to succeed. In addition, we take great effort in implementing the practice of NDT technologies around the country in an attempt to create a true reform in the field of water and sewage pipeline repairs. 

Our achievements:

Nowadays, it is clear to see BP Technological Solutions's impact on the Israeli market:

  • IPEK's Crawlers are being used daily throughout the country and by a wide range of customers (which is ever expending) - from house plumbers to Sewage and infrastructure contractors and even by the national water corporations, IPEK has become a synonym for CCTV sewage technologies in Israel (about 40 systems currently in use)
  • MiniCam and MinCam cameras are the most commonly used push rod systems in the country
  • ROM's high water pressure systems are rapidly bursting their way into the Israeli market- with 5 different systems being sold during the first year (A company record) along with dozens of professional ENZ nozzles
  • Sanikom's advanced lining systems have been used already to repair hundreds of miles of buried pipes with no need for any digging
  • SAVA and VETTER plugs and packers are being used daily by a wide range of customers and uses
  • FINK's pipe and infrastructure locators are now regarded as some of the best in the local market

And we are always open to new advancements!

Quality products deserve quality in service: 

To ensure our customers achieve the maximum results our products can deliver, we try to provide the best, most proffesional service we can, which includes:

  • A wide range of products, carefully selected through years of experince in the field, as the best and most fitting the global market has to offer
  • The products we offer are carefully chosen according to each customer's specific needs and requests- for maximum price value
  • Our well trained employees provide training and professional guidance for all of our products, while most of the instruction-manuals for the products are translated to Hebrew by us, for easier and quicker understanding of use
  • Our highly trained and highly proffesional team of technicians are fully equiped to perform almost every repair or maintenance job locally, and our lab contains almost every original spare part necessery. A fact which enables us to provide a rapid and professinal response to most repair jobs our customers might encounter.

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For all of your NDT needs,

BP Technological Solutions Staff.


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